Fears. Fact or Fiction

I was looking through a social media website today and noticed a post asking readers “what is your greatest fear in life.  So me, being the nosy person I am, decided to look through the comments.  All 871 of them.  I must admit, I was intrigued with the responses.  Many people admitted that they were scared of “death” and “dying”, “not being remembered once they pass” and “what happens after death”.  Although these are valid queries and worries, I couldn’t help but write an answer of my own.  “Myself”.  To the few shallow people reading this, it might sound a bit odd and possibly suicidal, but this however is NOT the case.

If I am being completely honest with you, my greatest fear is of my self demons.  I am worried that one day these “creatures” will come out and overtake me.  This may sound like a bit of a messed up horror film plot – which by the way is not the response I am seeking – but it is true.  To me there seems to be two basic “Kinds” or “species” or “creatures”, (whatever you wish to call them).

The ways in which I overcome these demons may sound slightly concerning and possibly make it seem as though I have pyschological issues, but I can assure you that this really does work for me!

Decide which demon in life you wish to tackle first.  – Take an empty chair and place it in front of where you are sitting.  Now pretend that your issue has taken a life form of its own and is now sitting in front of you.  Treat this like a role-play or a counselling session – you being the counseller and your demon being the person being counselled.

Question your issues.  – Ask it three questions.  For example “What do you want from me?”, “What do you need from me?” and “How will you feel when you get what you need?”

Now take the body of your demon (sit in the demons seat if it helps you). – As you sit down in the demons seat, allow your body and mind to take the identity of the demon itself. You may notice that your posture and attitude, possibly even your voice changes. This is fine and may in fact make it easier for you to take the identity of your demon.  Once completed, imagine yourself seated in your original seat, then answer the questions you previously asked your demon.

Determine whether the demon has your best interests at heart or not. – Like humans, what your demon says it needs, is often different from what it says.

Integrate a self demon, banish a non-self demon.  


a. If dealing with a Self demon, identifying what it needs and recognizing that this is really your own need  is the first step toward integration: you’ve empathized with your demon and found that it is not your enemy, simply a misguided helper.

b. Next, continue the conversation with your demon and help it see how its strategy is failing to meet its own need. For example, a demon might be keeping you up at night because it wants freedom, but once it sees how its rigid behavior has actually left you with less choices rather than more, it can let go of that bad strategy.

c. Brainstorm with your demon on a new strategy to meet the need that you can both agree on. Ask your demon how it can help you implement this strategy. Allow it to take on a new job. This transforms it from a demon into an ally. It was never a demon at all, just one more part of yourself doing its best to help you out.

If you run into any snags while attempting to integrate Self  demons, it can be helpful to work with a hypnotherapist, energy worker, counselor, or therapist.


If dealing with a Non-self demon, it has to go. It’s not really part of you, and it doesn’t belong in your body, mind, energy, or any part of your self. Any attempt to explain or treat it as part of yourself simply gives it power over you, power to stay.

It’s best to remain neutral toward the demon (as feelings directed toward it, positive or negative, only feed it) and seek help from someone who can safely help you expel it. Whether you choose an energy worker, hypnotherapist, ayahuasquero, or other helper, make sure they have experience with clearing entities safely and effectively.

Do not try to force the Non-self demon out yourself. If it were something you could simply make go away, you would have done so already. A full on attack can evoke defenses from the demon that can make both your life and getting rid of the demon that much more difficult.

PURCHASE AND READ SAMUEL SAGAN’S BOOK ENTITY POSSESSION.  It gives a detailed perspective on non-self demons.


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